Best Dress Award (PropNex Event) Nickname "Watermelon"
Best Dress Award (PropNex Event) Nickname "Watermelon"

About Vanessa Lee

Passion is the Key to Your Success!

Vanessa Lee is an established realtor, who is recognized for her outspoken sales skills and deep knowledge on the real estate industry.

As a TOP achiever in the LUX division of PropNex, Vanessa has achieved numerous awards like the Platinum Achiever and TOP individual sales person since she joined PropNex.

In a short time span, she earned her title of TOP Producer in PropNex. Her success is largely attributed to her team sharing culture and synergy that is built on trust.

As an real estate rookie, she has achieved more than 50 awards, from Ambassador Award, Honors Award, TOP Individual Producer to Platinum Achiever (clocking more than $100K of commission per month).

Vanessa consistently achieved Top 5% Salesperson now in PropNex (Singapore's largest listed real estate company).

I'm an entrepreneur and has been managing my own businesses before embarking my journey in real estate. Due to my work nature, I meet people from all walks of life, from working class to the management levels. For some reason, I have this thought that no matter what type of business you're in, the overall "winner" is the landlord. And why do I say so?

Well, in order to start a brick & mortar business, the biggest expense would be our rental unless we owned our working space. And I personally know many business owners who actively collecting rental incomes, owning multi properties at a very young age.

This sparked my very own goal towards property investment. Hence, I bought my very first private property & earned my first pot of gold. This is what I called the "Magic of Time" in property investment!

It is a known fact that those who start young in real estate investing journey reaps the most benefits! However not many people know how to start or is afraid to even take the first step. And all this can only be achieved through proper step by step planning without over stretching your financial means.

In fact, my very first achievement in property investment actually spurred me on into wanting to learn more about real estate market. That is the time when I took my first step into Real Estate.

Starting in a whole new environment is not easy, as the Chinese sayings "万事起头难"! However my passion in real estate had made me work even harder to polish up my skills through continuous learning, which enable me to assist my esteem customers with all my heart.

I have achieved more than 50 awards till date, from Ambassador Award, TOP Individual Producer, Platinum Achiever to HONORS Award (Highest Order Notable Of Real-estate Salesperson) and consistently achieving TOP 5% ranking position in PropNex, ranking among 9,500 salesperson (and still growing) in Singapore's largest listed real estate company.

Being bilingual is my advantage with fluency in English, Chinese, Bahasa and as well as dialects like Cantonese, Hakka and Hokkien, which help me better serve my local and international customers.

I moved up my career path by taking up more Luxury Projects in the LUX Team, which embarked my journey to high end luxury markets, expanding my networks in the Core Central Region. With this great exposure and opportunities, I managed to serve High Net Worth Individual across ASEAN countries from Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia and also foreign countries from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

I had recently been promoted to become a Senior LUX Tagger in just a short span of 2 years and I owed my success to the encouragement from my leaders, our team sharing culture and the positive synergy built among our team mates.​


ERA Top 50 Diamond Achiever 2023

Top 32nd Diamond Achiever Nov 2023

PropNex Star Performer Awards 2022

Platinum Achiever Feb 2022

Ambassador Award Presentation 2021

5-Year Ambassador Award Recipient

Honors Award Presentation 2020

Honors Award Recipient

ERA Top 50 Achiever 2023

Top Achiever Nov 2023 (14th position)

Interview with Ismail Gafoor, CEO PropNex

Top Individual Producer 2020 

PropNex Star Performer Awards 2020

Platinum Achiever & Top Project Salesperson 

Champion League 2019 

Top Project and Super Gold Achiever 2019

2023 - Joined ERA Realty Network

Distinguished PropNexians achieving Extraordinary results

Top 5% Salesperson 2019 

PropNex Year End Convention 2018

Top Individual Producer 2018

PropNex Gala Night 2018

Honors Award 2018


Top 50 Achiever Nov 2023
Top 50 Diamond Achiever Nov 2023
Top Achiever 2023 (100th position)


Gold Achiever Jan 2022
Platinum Achiever Feb 2022 


Honors Award 2020
TOP 5% Salesperson 2020
TOP Commercial/Industrial Transactor Jun 2020
TOP Individual Producer Jun 2020
TOP Individual Producer PAC 2020
TOP Individual Producer MYC 2020
Platinum Achiever Jan 2020
Top Project Salesperson Jan 2020


Joined ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd


Honors Award 2021
5-Year Ambassador Award 


TOP 5% Salesperson 2019
TOP Individual Producer Dec 2019
Super Gold Achiever Jun 2019
TOP Individual Producer 1QC 2019
TOP Individual Producer PAC 2019
Gold Achiever Apr 2019

Venturing into Realtor career is not an easy way out to chase your dream, as I do not want to paint a beautiful picture. Hardwork, dedication and passion is the key to Success! I would love to build a team with the same fighting spirit as me, so that I can share and impart my skills and knowledge to you. Life is a learning journey! We are always learning and hope you can join my team, so that we can learn and grow together!

My Honorable Awards!
My Honorable Awards!