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Investing to beat inflation should be a top priority, as not doing so could lead to an erosion of our cash savings. In light of the recent data showing a year-on-year rise of 3.3% in core inflation for October and an average inflation rate of 5% projected for the entire year of 2023, it becomes even more crucial to take...

Buying a home always seems daunting especially when purchasing a big-ticket item and the prices for private homes can easily start at a million dollars. But when you have the ability to break down the figures and have a clear overview of your financial capabilities in terms of servicing your monthly mortgages, you'll realize that owning private...

1BR starts from $788,000 - 473sqft ($1,666/psf)
2BR starts from $943,000 - 645sqft ($1,462/psf)
3BR starts from $1,326,000 - 936sqft ($1,417/psf)
4BR starts from $2,111,000 - 1,388sqft ($1,520/psf)
*VVIP Preview : 12th Sep'20
*Launch Date : 26th Sep'20Pls

Due to the recent en blocs & Government Land Sales (GLS) happening all across the island especially in Prime Districts, land costs in S'pore have been growing steadily. District 9, 10 & 11 are the most sought-after prime districts here in Singapore. These districts are the most preferred Prime residential area for expatriates, investors and even...