What is a Central Kitchen / Food Factory?


Central Kitchen is a facility that centralizes procurement and common food production processes across the outlets within an F&B group. It is usually an internal service provider, but some Central Kitchen produce for external customers as well.

The majority of food preparation and processing is done at the Central Kitchen and delivered to the outlet where minimal preparation is required before serving to the customer. Depending on the size of the establishment, Central Kitchen can be a standalone facility or located within an outlet.

What is available in the market? 

There are currently only 3 Freehold Food Factory in Singapore and ONLY Food Concept@Pandan has a ramp-up facility to every floor. With ample parking lots and generous space for loading/ unloading in front of unit, providing for maximum convenience and efficiency.

Food Concept@Pandan is a Type B2, 10-storeys ramp-up industrial building for multi-user in food manufacturing. It comprises of ONLY 38 units with modern and striking building facade.

Each unit has two entrances/exits (Door and roller shutter) and well ventilated with large expanse of window wall and high ceiling. It also comes with dedicated exhaust shaft, two floor traps, central refuse disposal chute and individual bin point. Merging with adjacent units for larger floor space is possible too.

Regular unit layout can be tailored to suit various food businesses such as central kitchen, food processing, food packing, cold room, cold storage, food catering, etc.

Food Concept@Pandan is a Rare FREEHOLD tenure which is approved for food factory in the western part of Singapore. Surrounded by diverse food factories within Pandan Food Zone. All your food supply chains are your neighbors.

Also, its ideal location within minutes away from the vibrant Jurong Lake District (S'pore 2nd CBD) and excellent connectivity to all parts of Singapore, especially to the city via West Coast Highway, AYE and MCE, provide easy access and offers great conveniences and flexibility to all your food industries needs. An excellent investment opportunity without ABSD and TDSR.

For discussion on which Central Kitchen / Food Factory to invest other than Food Concept@Pandan, or to find out how to tap into present market opportunities: